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April 19, 2010

Congratulations to the 25 students who sold one or more Compact Flourescent Bulbs (CFLs) in March for Dubois' Lights for Learning Educational Fundraiser! Due to these student's impressive efforts, 384 bulbs were sold- 496 if you also count the individual bulbs that were sold in 3 - packs. That's just about 1 bulb sold per student at Dubois!

This fundraiser raised $1,507.00 total - netting around $905.00 for our school (60% of the profit earned). Thanks to these student's efforts, the Energy Star qualified CFLs will save users, on average, $70.00 for each bulb that replaces an incandescent bulb.

All studnts who sold at least one bulb will receive a L4L string-sling backpack. Twelve students will also receive a L4L-shirt because they sold at least 20 bulbs. Four students will also get a $10 Gift Card from Barnes and Noble for selling over 40 bulbs.

Parents of students who sold bulbs must pick up the orders either Thursday, April 22 (3-6pm) or Friday, April 23 (3-6pm) in the Art Room.