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April 2, 2010

Dear families of Dubois students;

On Sunday, March 21st our partners from Douglas United Methodist Church came to visit our school after their church service. I, along with one of our teachers, were virtually speechless at the number of people that walked through our doors baring gifts for our children. During the three short months that Douglas Methodist has been partnering with us they have been a great help to us by donating hats, gloves, scarves, snacks during ISAT, kleenex, clorox wipes, playground equipment and most importantly their support.

A few weeks ago, as the congregation listened to their Sunday sermon, they prepared individual notes for our students who were taking the ISAT the upcoming 2 weeks. You should have seen the looks on the kids faces when each one got a special note from someone wishing them well and offering them encouragement to do their best. Students not only shared the notes with each other but took them to lunch to share with additional friends they would see during that time. Students still have those notes and take them out and read them at their leisure whenever they need to feel supported by someone else. I am overwhelmed to think that the vast majority of these parishioners do not know our children but are called to support them.

Lastly I must explain the scarf that many of you may see me and many others wear throughout the day. These too came from a member of the Douglas United Methodist Church when they donated scarfs to our children. These hand-stitched scarves are so beautiful and represented the care and support that this individual wanted to offer to someone else that I decided to honor their commitment by wearing it every day. It is with great honor that I wear my "scarf of learning" in dedication to all who support each and everyone of our children as they work to achieve outstanding results.

Thank you - 
Cindy J. Baugher