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March 14, 2010

Parent Educator Corner:

Working With Your School

Good behavior in school starts at home:

Every child is special, but a teacher with 25 students can't always accommodate each child's wishes. To promote cooperative behavior, expect your child to:

Put things away after she/he has used them. Kids who take responsibility at home will also take care of school items. Do some chores. Could she/he help clear the table? Take out the trash? Teachers also need children to help the classroom run smoothly.

* Follow rules. Kids who follow family rules such as "no TV before
homework" are more likely to follow the rules at school, too. Listen
when others speak. Teachers appreciate students who show respect
for others.

* Stick to a schedule. Children who have regular bedtimes and
mealtimes at home often find it easier to fit into a school schedule.

Source: Toni S. Bickart, Diane Trister Dodge, and Judy R. Jablon,What Every
Parent Needs to Know About 1st, 2nd, & 3rd grades.

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