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March 7, 2010

Math is something we are learning & using everyday. We use math at home, at work, at school and at play. We use Math everyday. Use these opportunities with your child to give them real life practice with math.

- Count change for a purchase and show them how to write checks to pay
- Measure for a recipe, set the microwave, and decide how much food to
fix, set the kitchen table, and measure a window for blinds.
- Compare things that are alike and different: clothing (winter vs. summer),
screws vs. nails, and sweetened cereal vs. unsweetened cereal.
- Tell time, time sports and see what day of the month it is.
- Select TV channels, set the VCR, and set an alarm clock.
By doing these things on a regular basis, your child will start to see the value of math in everyday life. When something is useful, children begin to see why they need to learn it!