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February 6, 2013

Dear Parents:

Students across Illinois will take part in the Illinois State Achievement Tests (ISAT's) the first week of March. For Dubois students that means all third through fifth grade students. It is vitally important that your child be at school every day that week and arrive on time. We test 200+ students here and the scheduling is pretty tight to get all the tests in without over taxing the students during the testing timeframe. Therefore, please make doctor appointments either after school or during the last two weeks of March.

Recently the state of Illinois adopted the Common Core Standards for College and Career Readiness and we have been teaching to these standards this year. They require more problem solving skills and the use of more nonfiction text (among other things) than we have taught in the past. There will be a few items on the test that reflect the common core and at the same time, they raised the standard for the meets and/or exceeds on the ISAT. That being said, we need to have over 90% of our students meeting or exceeding this test to pass the ISAT or attain AYP. I am hopeful that we can accomplish that, but am preparing for the reality if we don't.

Lastly, the ISAT test will change to PARCC in 2014-15 and will be taken entirely online. We are preparing for that by buying more computers with excess Title I funds and beginning to teach more computer skills. Please know these are three very important changes to our "high stakes test" that we will be dealing with over the next several years. As I stated earlier, I hope for the best but am preparing for some rough waters.

Thank you!
Cindy J. Baugher