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March 15, 2013

Here are some ideas parents can use to help children prepare for school:

___1. If your child had a magic wand, what would he/she change bout the world?

___2. Have everyone write down two positive things about each member of the family. Read your list aloud at dinner.

___3. Let your child cut off the top of a carrot and put it in a shallow saucer of water. Watch the top sprout.

___4. At bedtime, ask your child about the hardest and best parts of his/her day.

___5. Pay your child a compliment today!

___6. Review spelling words with your child tonight.

___7. Ask your child to put on a talent show with his/her friends.

___8. Dedicate a day to helping the environment!

___9. Start a family library. Let your child choose his own shelf for books.

___10. Ask your child to put dry beans between damp paper towels. Keep moist. In a few days, check to see if they've sprouted.

___11. Start a change collection in a jar. Brainstorm together about how to use the money when the jar is full.

___12. Ask your child to figure out how many miles your car goes on one gallon of gas.

___13. Use math to give your child instructions. For example, ask your child to pick up 3 + 2 + 1 toys.

___14. Make up a short question. Ask your child to answer with a sentence that rhymes.

___15. Ask your child to write down the items you need before you go to the grocery store.

___16. Take your child to the library today!

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