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March 28, 2013

- 17. Watch a TV show with your child. Keep track of how much time the commercials take up.

- 18. Ask your child to draw a picture about his/her day.

- 19. Go on a walk with your child.

- 20. Call your local fire station to set up an upcoming tour for your child.

- 21. Talk about the Golden Rule with your child.

- 22. Write a nice note and tuck it into your child’s backpack.

- 23. Have each member of your family make a “me” paper bag puppet. Let the puppets discuss good things about family members.

- 24. Have your child teach you something he/she is learning.

- 25. Have your child make directions for making his/her favorite sandwich, then follow them together.

- 26. Let your child read you the directions for a recipe.

- 27. Count the days until a special event. Link that number of paper strips to make a chain. Remove one link each day leading up to the event.

- 28. Practice counting to ten in another language with your child.

- 29. Talk about tricky pairs of letters. Help your child distinguish between w and m, n and u, b and d, and i and l.

- 30. Tie a string between two chairs. Use a balloon and play indoor volleyball with your child.

- 31. When grocery shopping with your child, teach him to look at the expiration dates.