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April 9, 2013


As we slowly come into the spring season, with it can come drastic temperature changes. It may be long pants and jacket weather when your child leaves for school, and by lunchtime, be T-shirt and shorts weather.

Keep an eye on updated weather reports for your area. Notice the morning temperature lows and afternoon temperature highs. Be mindful of how warm or cool it will be when your child leaves for school, and when he or she returns from school. If these differences are drastic enough to require a complete change of clothing to be comfortable, find a few ways to keep them cozy, but yet not have to take an entire wardrobe change to school.

With this in mind, plan what clothing your child will need for the day. Is it too cool to be without a jacket in the morning, but perhaps still OK to get by with shorts because by afternoon it will be scorching? Or, perhaps long pants are in order, but they can still wear a short sleeve and remove the jacket later to be comfortable. A hooded sweatshirt is great for days such as this, one they put on or take off as they might need it throughout the day.

Dressing your child appropriately for the changing weather requires simple planning, of being aware of the forecast, and choosing appropriate clothing items to bring with them to school. Your child will appreciate being comfortable throughout the day, no matter what the temperature may be outside.

Jessica Gonko
Dubois School Nurse

**Borrowed from Christy Foust at http://voices.yahoo.com/dress-children-weather-as-seasons-change-9084351.html