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November 3, 2009

Improve test success by building your child's reading muscles—

You can't win a race if you quit before getting to the finish line. Sometimes, that's what happens when kids are taking important tests that involve a lot of reading.
There are children who simply don't have the stamina to stick with the reading passages on tests. They do fine when they are reading a short passage. But by the end of a longer test, they are simply too tired to read the information and answer the questions.
Just as athletes can increase their stamina, so can readers. You can help your child do better on tests by building his "reading muscles."

Here are some ideas:

- Schedule a regular time for your child to read. Start with a short time-perhaps only 5 or 10 minutes. But gradually increase the time so he can read independently for 30 minutes.

- Help your child get motivated. Have him color in a chart for every 10 minutes he spends reading. Or start a paper chain, adding a link for each 10 minutes.

- Teach your child other ways to build his stamina. Have him look up occasionally to rest his eyes. Or encourage him to take a short break, grab a snack and then go back to reading.

Source:  Michelle Honor of, "Reading Tests as a Genre Study," The Reading Teacher, September 2008 

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