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Dubois Video CATCHes National Attention

October 22, 2009

Barb Germann, Health Services Coordinator for #186 Schools. saw Mr. Niemeyer's 'Go, Slow, and Whoa Remix' on Wednesday, loved it, and sent the link to her fellow work group members with the Blue Cross - Blue Shield Grant at SIU, IDPH, and Head Start. (The grant focuses on the CATCH program and Choosy Kids/I Am Moving, I am Learning (Pre-K) in three #186 CATCH schools, Ridgely, Feitshans, and Iles and Head Start.) IDPH CATCH resource/employee on the collaborative team, Jamie Gates, then sent the link to the national CATCH headquarters in Dallas.

The Marketing Manager for CATCH in Dallas then asked if the video could be posted on the national CATCH website. They loved the video -"It's terrific!"- and asked permission to feature the video in CATCH PR/Marketing pieces, such as their newsletter or website. Go, Slow, and Whoa are the way students are taught to make healthy food choices. Go foods almost anytime, Slow foods sometimes, and Whoa foods once in a while.

To view this creative video now - Go, Slow, and Whoa Remix - go to
5th grade - Mr. Niemeyer

Thank you, 5th Graders and Mr. Niemeyer!