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October 1, 2009

Parents and students will have online access to the student edition, lesson openers and activities, Tools 4 Math, glossary, E - tooIs, and to do notices from teachers. Parents can enter the system with their students’ lunch pin number, however, there is a catch. Please contact your classroom teacher if you have any other questions.

- If the lunch pin number is four digits (example: 1234) That username and
password is  001234.
- If the lunch pin number is five digits (example: 12345) The username and
password is 012345.
- If the lunch pin number is six digits (example: 123456) The username
and password is 123456 - the same!

So the username and password must be six characters long --- hence the 0's in front of the number.

To go on-line, type in (envision math on-line), click on Springfield Public Schools to login.