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October 1, 2009

Dear parents:

Thanks so much for your support with the fundraiser! The money will be used to support classrooms and school climate. We appreciate your efforts in making Dubois the best school it can be!
Students should be dropped off in the front of the building no sooner than 8:10 a.m. At that time we will have adult supervision to monitor children as they walk to the back of the building where there is additional supervision. Families should not drop children off in the back of the building as that is the designated bus area and we have 8+ buses that arrive each morning delivering our children.
Teachers met on September 18th to discuss our strengths as a building (math) and how to address our areas of concern (comprehension). From that we determined strategies that our classrooms need to focus on are: fact and opinion, using context clues, author’s view point, drawing inferences, identifying main ideas and determining cause and effect. Asking your children these same questions will help them with their comprehension as well.

Picture day is Wednesday, October 14th!! Pamphlets will be coming home the week prior to picture week so you can prepare to buy a package if you so desire. I hope to see everyone spiffy and with their best smiles. 

Cindy J. Baugher, Principal
Dubois Elementary School
120 S. Lincoln
Springfield, IL  62704
Working Together To Achieve Outstanding Results