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Mrs. Robinson's Lunch Tools

September 29, 2009

This fall I will be using our lunch time to welcome in parents and family to help give you some tips and tools to help your kids in school. During the lunch time (11:00 to 11:30) I will be inviting parents and family members to come have lunch with us and learn about some different ways to help your kids in school. The topics I know I want to cover are:
(1) The new math series and how to help your kids at home. I'll be going over the math book and showing you problems you can work on at home with your kids, plus I'll be showing you some online math activities that you can do at home to help them learn the math topics and have fun at the same time.
(2) Reading fluency and how to help the kids at home. I'll be going over the reading book and showing you what they can do to working on at home to become better readers. I will also be giving you some tips and tools on helping them when things aren't coming easily to them.
(3) Other ideas...I'm leaving this one open to parent suggestions or to things I see the kids should be working on once I meet them all and start to see some areas that don't come quite as easily to all of them.
I know sometimes it's hard to get away from work, but hopefully you can take a lunch break with us and come learn about some great ways to help your kids at home too! So don't forget to bring your lunch or grab something on the way and come join us for lunch tools! I'll send a note home once school starts to remind you but the first lunch tools date is Friday August 28th, so everyone can plan ahead! See you for lunch!