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September 11, 2009

Refresh critical back-to-school skills for a successful school year—

Back to school means more than buying supplies and going to class. It involves establishing routines that help students do their best. To help our child develop good habits and independence:

* Put an alarm clock in your child's room.  Instead of you waking them up,
see if the alarm can.
* Prepare at night.  Have your child pack her backpack, pick out an outfit
and put necessities by the
   front door.  You can plan breakfast and make sure her lunch is ready to
* Create a homework schedule.  Pick a consistent time for studying, such as
after school or before dinner.  When will your child have the most
motivation or energy?
* Stick to a regular bedtime.  Allow time for duties-bathing, brushing teeth,
putting on pajamas, reading and saying goodnight.
* Post charts to help your child stay on track-a weekly schedule, a bedtime
checklist and a reminder by the front door.

Source: Emory Luce Baldwin, "Ready for More Responsibility? Nudging Your Child Toward Self-Sufficiency".
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