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Free Tutoring!

September 16, 2013

Dubois Elementary remains committed to providing the very best services to our students. The NCLB legislation has gone unauthorized for many years and we remain in Supplemental Education Services. This means that we will once again provide information on FREE tutoring by outside ISBE approved providers. Parents will receive an invitation letter, sign up form and provider information packets within the next few weeks too best help you select the provider of your choice. The school cannot make a selection of provider and parents must remember that the provider companies are not hired by the school district, but are PRIVATE companies that work for you; the parent. We provide support to those parents who would like more information. Parents may contact the school's SES contact Mrs. Shalanda Gaines @ 525-3204 with questions or comments. It is best to make your selection as soon as possible, so the chosen providers may receive your child's information, set up a learning plan, and schedule sessions. The provider's are invited to work with 15 different schools and have 30 days after sign-up ends to begin services. The services are paid out of mandated Title I funds set aside for Supplemental Educational Services.