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October 18, 2013

News From Mrs. Minch:

This summer I applied for a grant to bring a class set of iPads to my art room. I am thrilled to announce that I got it!! This wonderful grant puts an iPad in the hands of each Dubois art student throughout the year. Additionally, I will receive professional development to help me bring the best to our Dubois Students. Occasionally I will be away from the art room attending quarterly trainings with an Apple Instructor and bimonthly meetings with a District Technology Instructor.

The iPads will be 'rolled out' one grade level at a time to be sure all our Dubois art students will know the expectations for using the iPads. Please check back on my website often to see how we grow in our technology and digital art skills!

I have an opportunity to attend a specialized iPads in the Art Room workshop at the Il. Art Education Conference this year. As a result I will not be at school during parent teacher conferences. If you need to talk with me I will have open conference hours posted on my website ( http://www.sps186.org/teachers/amuir) or feel free to email me (amuir@sps186.org).

Thank you! Mrs. Minch