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November 22, 2013

Develop your child’s lifelong love of books:

When children see reading as a chore, they resent it—and never want to pick up a book or magazine just for fun. Make sure that this doesn’t happen with your child! To build your child’s love of reading:

• Designate nightly family reading time (or at least several times a week). You can read a story together or everyone can read on their own.

• Visit the library together often. Take advantage of activities that your library offers, such as book clubs, author presentations or other special events. And don’t just limit your browsing to books! Check out magazines, audio books and other materials.

• Make reading a late-night treat. Allow your child to stay up a little later some weekend nights—as long as he’s reading!

• Suggest your child read from a series. There are always books that you wish didn’t have to end—and with a series of books, they don’t have to! Plus, your child will already be familiar with the characters.

• Be a reading role model. When your child sees you reading often, he’ll see that it’s important for your family. Keep a supply of books, magazines and other reading materials wherever your child may be—in his bedroom, in the car, even in the kitchen!

Carlis Thomas
Parent Educator
Dubois Elementary School
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