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Parent Educator's Note

November 4, 2008

November is National Reading Month. So here are a few tips on how to encourage your child to read!
Support your child's school by encouraging your child to read.

Reading is so important that most elementary school teachers assign it every day for homework. Supporting your child's reading is and excellent way to support the school, too.

To encourage daily reading:

Read together. Your child may enjoy reading to you or taking turns reading chapters. Make reading part of your every day routine.
Use the library. Have your child sign up for a library card. Each week she can browse and check out new books.
Offer suggestions. think about your child's interests. Find books or articles about them. Ask the library for help.
Create a reading nook. Some kids love to read anywhere. But a cozy reading spot can make reading more appealing.
Start a series. When there are several books about the same character, kids may keep reading, book after book.
Discuss books. Show interest in your child's opinions. Join—or start—a book club.
Talk with the teacher. Ask about your child's reading progress and suggestions for improvement.
Source: Elizabeth Kennedy, "How to Encourage Your Child to Read".