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DIBELS Assessment Shows Reading Growth!

May 19, 2010

The DIBELS assessment is just one way that we measure many different parts of reading, including how fluently a child is reading, how they decode words and how well each reader can retell what he or she has read. At kindergarten and first grade, the test focuses on skills such as letter naming and letter sound fluency. We use students' DIBELS scores in order to target instruction to meet specific needs of our students. The goals for each grade level increase throughout the school year.
We keep track of this information throughout the year to help us make instructional decisions for students. The goal is to decrease the number of students in the red and yellow and increase the number of students scoring in the green area. Take a moment to look at the two graphs. One shows the growth we have made for this school year- an increase of 5%! The other graph shows growth over time – an increase of 25% in 5 years!
We are very proud of the hard work by teachers and students that made these gains possible.