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Registration Information

May 16, 2018

What do I need to do now to be ready to register for the 2018-19 school year?
• If you do not already have an online parent account with

access to your child’s information, you need to request your online parent account first. To do this, ask your school’s secretary for your parent access letter. You will have to provide identification and pick this letter up at the school. It has your unique and secure username and password and information on how to set up your account.

• If you already have an online parent account, you do not need to do anything until the registration window opens. You cannot register your student(s) for 2018-19 until the registration window opens on July 16.

• Having an online parent account will make online registration a fast and easy process once the registration window opens.

What do I need to do once the registration window opens?
• Beginning on July 16, 2018, you can log in with your

existing online parent account to register your student from home. A link will be on the District's and each school’s website. You will just have to confirm and/or update your child(ren)’s information and follow the prompts to finish the registration process. You can do this from a device at home with internet access.

• You can do this from a device anywhere with internet access; i.e., computer, tablet, smartphone, etc. If you do not have a device at home to register prior to registration day, you can still come to the school and register on registration day.

• If you did not set up your online parent account prior to the registration window opening, you can use an e-mail address to register your student(s). However, your current student’s information will not automatically populate in the form.