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Enos Elementary School

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Enos Technology Instructions for Pick-Up ...Tomorrow, Thursday, April 2, 2020.

April 1, 2020

All parents should enter the school from Walnut Street and make a right turn into the bus lane. Once you enter the bus lane, it will be a one- way, two-lane distribution site. Do not enter from the Elliott and Bond intersection. Maintaining one-way traffic will expedite the process for everyone.The car rider lanes will not be staffed during this time. All technology distribution will take place in the bus lane. We appreciate your cooperation as we tackle this challenge together.

Once you pull in, please proceed all the way to the farthest possible point in the lane. You will be greeted by staff and volunteers. Please have your photo ID ready. If you are sending someone to pick up, please make sure s/he is listed on your child’s emergency contact list! Bring a pen to use, and please pre-read the form online. This will expedite our distribution. 

If you are walking to the distribution site, please wait patiently by the bike rack using the social distancing protocol of 6 feet apart. Proper social distancing helps protect us all.

If you are in a vehicle, please do not get out or turn your car off. 

Keep in mind, smoking is prohibited on school grounds. 

I am looking forward to this awesome experience as we roll out the learning for our Enos families.