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MAP Testing at Enos!

May 3, 2021

Dear District 186 Families,

This school year has presented several challenges and opportunities for students learning. While teaching and learning did not happen in the traditional sense this year, we know an abundance of learning occurred. For this reason, we will be administering the NWEA MAP assessment this spring as we did last fall. MAP is an online assessment in math and reading that provides data or information to teachers about the learning level of each student, regardless of their grade or ability level.

The spring MAP testing window is May 10 – 28, 2021. Each school will create a schedule of days that students will take each test either at school (hybrid students) or at home (remote students). Please look for further communication from your child’s school.

Teachers will use the MAP data to celebrate learning growth over this school year with students, communicate learning growth to families, and establish future learning plans for this summer and/or next fall.

Whether your child will be testing at school or at home, please encourage them to do their best and celebrate their efforts. Please help your child understand that we do not expect him/her to know everything presented to them on this test. We simply need them to put forth their absolute best individual effort.

If your child is remote and testing at home, please do not provide any assistance to them as they work to answer the problems presented on this assessment. Assisting them with answers will prevent us from providing them with the correct instructional supports later.