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The Scientific Method & Fall Festival Come Together at Fairview

October 30, 2011

At Fairview, we are committed to making all family engagement events have an academic focus. During fall festival, science just seemed to be a really good fit for this time of year. Our students began preparing by attending an assembly put on by Mr. Colgren, Springfield’s Science Guy. He talked to the students about the scientific method and shared many interactive experiments that had to do air pressure. He allowed the students to participate by:

Questions or problem that needs solved
Develop a hypothesis-Educated guess
Materials for an experiment
Make observations

On Saturday, Mr. Colgren, the science guy, came back to continue working on fun activities with the students. In addition, each grade level prepared a science activity to allow students and families more time to practice using the scientific method.

Fall Festival was a hit and we would like to thank all of our families for coming out to support as well as making donations to make the day a success!

Community Donors for this year’s fall festival are as follows:

American Red Cross
Baker’s Square
First Christian Church
Mr. Colgren
Raymond Poe
St John’s Hospital
Texas Roadhouse
The Muni

Thanks again for the support of our community and families!
Our students are worth it!