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Minute to Win It for Fairview's Good Citizen's Reward

February 5, 2012

The Good Citizen Reward for the month of January included a fun prize for all participants and the following stations for students to participate in:
Station 1: Dice stacking- Students will put a popsicle stick in their mouth and attempt to stack dice onto the stick.
or, Cereal box puzzle: A cereal box front is cut into 16 squares. They will attempt to put the cereal box back together (NOTE: If you have a cereal box that we could have, please donate :)

Station 2: Penne Pasta String: Students will put a spaghetti noodle (uncooked of course) in their mouths and attempt to get penne noodles onto the spaghetti noodle
M&M sorting: Students will have a group of M&Ms and will attempt to sort them by color, one by one, using only one hand

Station 3: Balloons- Students will attempt to keep three balloons in the air

Station 4: Pedometers- Students will attach pedometers to their ankles and hold two in their hands. Then they will attempt to get over 100 on each by dancing all around.
or, Bath mat- Students will race around a short obstacle course on a bath mat while keeping all body parts on the mat and move only by scooting