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Girls On The Run at Fairview

March 9, 2012

Spring Season Starts the week of March 12th for all 3rd, 4th and 5th grade girls. If you haven't signed up, please contact Nurse Missy or visit the website at gotrcentralillinois.org. Scholarships are available as well.

This month, over 500 girls at 32 central Illinois program sites are beginning their spring Girls on the Run (GOTR) experience. During the first few weeks of the program season, the lessons help the girls get a better understanding of who they are and what's important to them. They learn about being emotionally and physically healthy and grow to know and trust their team members.

Information for Parents/Guardians...
Thank you for entrusting us with a very important girl who is close to your heart! We look forward to partnering with you to ensure your runner girl will have a great GOTR experience. Here are some helpful things to know:

* You’ll receive a newsletter each month to keep you informed. Please read the newsletter and make use of the Grown Up Guide that your runner girl will bring home after the first lesson. (There is not a Grown Up Guide for the Girls on Track, 6th-8th grade program.)

* Please make sure your girl wears athletic shoes to every GOTR lesson. If she doesn't have appropriate footwear and the cost of shoes is an issue, please contact our office. Girls should also wear clothing appropriate for running and playing outdoors.

* The GOTR 5k Event will be held on Saturday, May 19th. If you or another family member would like to run and/or walk with the girls please register on our website. The Grown Up Guide includes a training plan. Your girl will appreciate you setting a good example and sharing the 5k experience with her.

Site Spotlight: Fairview Elementary, Springfield
Fairview Elementary is one of 11 new sites that joined the GOTR family this spring. Missy Cartwright wanted to start GOTR at Fairview Elementary because as the school nurse she has developed a strong bond with several students by teaching them about making healthy choices. After being wonderfully inspired at the fall 2011 GOTR 5k, she knew she wanted the girls at her school to feel proud of what their bodies can accomplish. Missy looks forward to being inspired by the vibrant, energetic young ladies this spring at Fairview.

New coaches participating in a positive GOTR "visualization"
Coaches are Inspiring & Amazing!
Over 140 spring coaches are prepared to empower their team of girls to develop a strong sense of identity, stand up for themselves, have a healthy body image and complete a 5k run/walk event. Our coach team is very diverse. Some are runners. Others are walkers. Their ages range from 20-62 years old. Many are school-related professionals such as principals, teachers, counselors or school nurses, but the team also includes accountants, hazardous material specialists, police officers and business owners.

Approximately 80 of these coaches, are first-time coaches and recently attended a new coach training session. During the training, new coaches learned about GOTR's key messages, became familiar with the curriculum, practiced Energy Awards, and received First Aid and CPR training and certification. We are grateful for the amazing women who have committed their time and energy to being coaches and shaping the next generation! We couldn't do it without them!

Call for Volunteers: GOTR Water-stop at the Presidential Lincoln Half-Marathon
We are seeking 8 to 12 volunteers to staff a GOTR water-stop at the Lincoln Half-Marathon on April 7th. The water-stop will be located in Washington Park near the hill along the north side by Lincoln Avenue. All supplies will be provided, and the table will be set up by 7 am. Volunteers need to arrive at 7:30 am to begin filling cups, and the first runners will come through at 7:50 am. If you are interested please contact Tracy at tracy@gotrcentralillinois.org or 726-9808.

GOTR team at Christ the King: coaches Leah Hardy & Bethany Nishimoto are featured on the far right
SoleMates: Meet Abe's Superstars...
GOTR’s Executive Director, Tracy Zeman, has recruited seven SoleMates runners to complete the Springfield Road Runners Club Lincoln Presidential Half-Marathon with her! We’d like to tell you a little bit about them.

Jennie Ascher, attorney at Sorling, Northrup, Hanna, Cullen & Cochran, joined SoleMates because she believes in GOTR! As a four-time Chicago marathon finisher, running has always been a healthy part of her life, and she knows that having the self-confidence to finish a race”no matter the pace”is a great feeling. Bethany Nishimoto, teacher and head GOTR coach at Christ the King, enjoys running because it relaxes her. It makes her feel free and gives her time to clear her head. She became a SoleMate to help other girls feel the freedom that she feels.

As a GOTR coach at Sandburg Elementary, Ellen Bruce, attorney at Sgro, Hanrahan & Durr, had a front row seat to watch the girls change over the course of a season and become more confident and aware of their actions and the actions of others. SoleMates is another way for her to contribute to building a strong GOTR program in our community! For Dana Fricke, teacher and head GOTR coach at Jacksonville’s Franklin Elementary, a half-marathon is a tough physical challenge, similar to the challenge presented to all GOTR participants of completing a 5k! At Franklin, scholarships, which are funded partly by proceeds from SoleMates, are essential for her students to be able to participate the program.

As a runner, Brian Lee, Office Manager at Hodge, Dwyer & Driver, has come to realize the positive benefits that jogging can have on a person’s life. Most people start running to improve their physical health; however he’s found that running’s positive impact on psychological health is even greater than the physical benefit. Brian became a SoleMate to support a program that will have a lasting impact on girls’ lives. Leah Hardy, LRS Web Solutions’ Hosting and Support Coordinator, is excited to start her third season as a GOTR coach at Christ the King. She loves to run and loves watching the girls grow and improve throughout the season. She has two children, ten and eight, including a two-time GOTR alum! Brigette Green decided to join SoleMates because she believes in GOTR’s mission and has seen firsthand what a positive impact it has on young girls’ lives. “Running is empowering!” she said. Setting goals and achieving them can significantly impact every area of a person’s life.

If you would like to donate to our SoleMates’ team please visit our team site. If you would like to learn more about the SoleMates’ program, please visit our website.

Lincoln Magnet School Assistant Principal, Kelly Wickham, speaking at GOTR's annual event
Breaking-out-of-the-Box Event Update
The 150+ attendees, donors and raffle participants at this February's Cafe Moxo Breaking-out-of-the-Box event raised $6,500 to provide more girls the opportunity to be impacted by GOTR. The attendees enjoyed a relaxed evening in a room filled with fun people who "get" the importance of the GOTR mission. An event highlight was Assistant Principal Kelly Wickham's testimonial about the impact the Girls on Track program has had on the girls at Lincoln Magnet School. Kelly has seen first-hand the life-changing effects GOTR has on its participants.

We sincerely thank everyone - our attendees, donors and volunteers - who contributed to the event's success. Your support is vital to our growth. We look forward to continue sharing our story with you as we touch more lives in our community! Please visit our facebook page to see photos.

Running fun at spring 2011 GOTR 5k
Save the Date for the GOTR Spring 5k!
Lace up your racing shoes! The spring Girls on the Run 5k presented by Memorial Health System is scheduled for 10 a.m. May 19th at Washington Park in Springfield. The 5k is is a non-competitive run/walk event. Members of the community, men and women of all ages, are invited to join the program participants in completing a 5k and celebrating the end of the GOTR program season. For more information or to register as a participant or volunteer, please visit our website.