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November 2nd Teacher Institute Day

November 5, 2009

Fairview teachers were involved in lots of learning during November 2nd's Teacher Institute Day! They learned about better communicating their work through the use of data posted in classrooms as well as other venues. Also, they worked on the gradual release model, leading students from a low degree of independence to a high degree of independence.

The relationship between teacher and learner incorporates the following stages: I Do, You Watch; I Do, You Help; You Do, I Help; and You Do Independently. During the first stage (I Do, You Watch), the teacher initiates, models, explains, thinks aloud, shows how to do it, and sets the purpose while the learner listens, observes, and may participate on a limited basis. During he second stage (I Do, You Help), the teacher leads, suggests, supports, explains, responds, and acknowledges while the learner listens, interacts, questions, collaborates, responds, tries out, and participates as best as he/she can. During the third stage (You Do, I Help), the teacher scaffolds, validates, teachers as necessary, checks for understanding, observes, encourages, and clarifies while the learner collaborates with other students, applies learning, takes charge, practices, problem solves, clarifies for understanding, and self corrects. During the last stage (You Do Independently), the teacher affirms, responds, acknowledges, coaches, evaluates, and sets goals while the learner initiates, self monitors, self directs, applies and extends learning, problem solves, confirms, and self evaluates.