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1st Quarter Parent Teacher Conferences

November 5, 2009

Fairview Parents are awesome! Thank you, parents, for attending conferences after the 1st quarter of teaching and learning. Attached are photos from parent-teacher-student conferences. In some classrooms, students led the conferences. Even in kindergarten, students had the opportunity to present their favorite piece of work to share with parents.

After conferences, parents had the opportunity to stop by the library to choose a book to read with their child, view a wealth of information displayed on bulletin boards, and learn more about the new math program. Parents also took home basic facts flash cards.

If you didn't have the opportunity to attend, please contact the school to schedule an appointment with your child's teacher. Communication between the school and home is important for your child's success. Fairview staff look forward to continued communication, interest, and support from Fairview families. Working together, we can achieve outstanding results!