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Math Night at Fairview "Basic Training"

January 29, 2009

Thursday, January 28th proved to be a great evening of food, fun and family engagement. Recruits began the evening with dinner in the "Mess Hall" and signed in to pick up their "Military ID." While they were eating, G.I. Johnny made an appearance. Students were in awe and to time out from dinner to take pictures with Johnny. Special Thanks to the National Guard! After Dinner families followed their "Duty Roster" and visited classrooms to learn more about Math Calendar and to play a fun game or read math stories. Detail included Camo Frogs in Kindergarten, Basic Training in 1st grade, A-Ten-Tion in 2nd grade, Snap to it in 3rd grade, Officer's Club in 4th grade and Multiplication War in 5th. There was also R& R in the Library with Math Reading and Boot Camp with computer learning. There was a chance to win prizes and each child left with a goodie bag.