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Our Fairview Family Loves Mr.Scott!!

September 30, 2021

You will hear us say often that we aren't just a school....we are a family....staff, students and our student's families!  Over the past two weeks we have been reminded  just how amazing our Fairview Family is. About two weeks ago Mrs.Miller had a parent reach out to her with the following message...

"If I give you a gift card will you please get it to Mr.Scott? He's so sweet standing out there in the pick up line waving to everyone, just doing whatever job he is needed for at that time. He is always smiling and happy go lucky" 

Mrs. Miller shared with this parent that her timing could not be more perfect. Right before school started Mr. Scott found out that his daughter has cancer. He is driving her to St.Louis for her treatments. They agreed that a gas gift card would be perfect and our parent said she was going to double it to make it a full tank of gas. The next day Mr.Scott received that gift card with well wishes for his family. 

But the story doesn't stop there!! This parent owns a cookie business, her and her husband decided to have a fundraiser for Mr. Scott. They got things in motion that very same day. Fairview families, staff and friends bought cookies and donated money!

Yesterday we were able to presented Mr.Scott with a $525 gift card....and a delicious cookie cake!

This is such a perfect example of how one small act of kindness can lead to bigger things! We can't thank everyone enough for supporting Mr.Scott and a huge thanks to the special family who set it all in motion! 

Mr. Scott...we hope you know how loved you and your family are! Your Fairview Family is in this with you!!