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Ant Farm


Praying Mantis

4/25/13- Praying Mantis

April 25, 2013   1 photo
What do you see?

Tad Poles

4/25/13- Tad Poles

April 25, 2013   3 photos
Our tad poles are getting bigger.

Lady Bug

Ladybugs Have Arrived!

May 2, 2013   2 photos
Students are caring for ladybugs throughout their life cycle. Students are observing how ladybug larvae must store enough energy to enter the pupal stage, and finally become adult ladybugs. We will release our little beauties and wish them a wonderful life before we go home for the summer.

Meal Worms

4/25/13- Meal Worms

April 25, 2013   3 photos
Our meal worms are active.

Habitat Area

Thank you!!!

Thank you so much to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, the Jadel Youth Fund, the Daniel F and Ada L. Rice Foundation, the Illinois Conservation Foundation and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. We so appreciate your sponsorship of our Garden Grant.

Our School Garden-A Perfect Place for Experiments and Activities for all grades.

Check out all the garden activities and experiments for students with this link. Alphabet Garden, The Changing Garden, The Benefits of a Native Garden, Root Routes, Seed Exploration, Plant Parts.

Fall 2012-We Submit a Grant to Illinois Department of Natural Resources

April 6, 2013   2 photos
This is our current flower bed in the front of the school. We are excited to submit a grant to add Native Illinois Plants to create a garden so students will be able to learn more about an Illinois habitat. The grant is sponsored by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

Grant Awarded-Let the Work Begin

April 6, 2013   3 photos
Celebrate!!! Our school was awarded the grant!!! So let the work begin. We didn't let the cold March day slow down our initial work in the garden. Our first entry in our garden journal included recording weather information such as temperature, humidity, and wind speed.

Reading About Native Illinois Plants

June 24, 2013   5 photos

Let the Planting Begin

June 24, 2013   5 photos

The Final Touch to our Garden

June 27, 2013   2 photos