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Enhanced Dress Code Modified

November 17, 2013

At the November FACE meeting, a team of parents and teachers worked to amend the Enhanced Dress Code policy to include solid colored crew neck sweaters and sweatshirts, which may be worn over the required polo shirt as long as the shirt's collar remains visible. Sweaters and sweatshirts may not have hoods or zippers and must be one of the following colors: red, navy, yellow, light blue, pink, grey, or white.

The change was brought about so that students have the option of dressing in removable layers for class. As initially written, the policy did not permit students to wear anything over their polo shirts, thus, preventing them from adjusting if they became too hot in class while wearing a shirt underneath. The policy revision addresses this concern by allowing students to wear approved sweaters or sweatshirts over their polo shirts.

Letters were sent home in their Wednesday Folders informing their parents of this change.