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IAR Assessment Info

March 12, 2019

 IAR testing begins next week for grades 3-5. Below is the assessment window for our students. We are asking parents to avoid scheduling appointments or pulling their children out of school or arriving late on the following dates of testing. Please contact Ms. Boozer at this time if you have any questions regarding the IAR assessment. 

March 18-20 -3rd grade & Mrs. Palmer

March 21 - 5th grade Science

March 22, 25-26  - 4th grade & Mrs. Galloway & Mrs. Tarr

March 27-30 - 5th grade 

To help your students do their best:

Before the test…

•Get a good night’s sleep 

•Eat a good breakfast 

•Come to school on time 

•Think positively – your attitude has a big influence! 

•Remember that your teachers have been preparing you all year for this!