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Attention FMS Students Interested in the Performing Arts!

January 8, 2020

Don’t miss out on the most exciting and educational performing arts workshop! The Young Americans Performing Arts Workshop is making a stop in Springfield to work with students for 3 days! 

What can you look forward to? Each Young Americans Performing Arts Workshop brings an incredible combination of energy, teamwork, and confidence, using music as the tool. The college-aged cast of specially trained performers/teachers provides a safe and exciting atmosphere for students to learn, create, and grow! This comprehensive performing workshop includes everything from vocal and dance training to full stage performance. Several Springfield area students have gone on to perform with the Young Americans all over the world.
LOCATION: Southeast High School 1/19/2020 - 1/21/2020
Available to all students throughout the surrounding area, grades 3-12.


Who are The Young Americans? Click play to hear from students all around the world!

Questions? Feel free to contact Karla Wilhelm at 217-502-9428 or kjbrady2@comcast.net or Lynn Gilmore at lgilmore@sps186.org