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Expectations for Track Meets

May 11, 2022
Expectations at Track Events

Attention FMS Students and Families

Effective for the track meet this weekend at Spartan Field:

  1. All spectators will be given a wrist band that they are required to wear at the track meet.

  2. All spectators will be required to sit in the stands at the track meet.

  3. Hanging out or standing in areas around the stands, behind the stands, in front of the concession stand is not allowed.  Standing in front of the fence is also not allowed.

  4. Spectators will be asked to be seated in the stands.  Spectators that refuse to be seated will be escorted out of the stadium

  5. All school district rules are in effect at all school functions and related events.

  6. There will be NO PASSES out of the stadium (no leaving and coming back).

  7. Only approved athletes and personnel are allowed on the track or on the infield.