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download IMSA FUSION FOR THE 2018-2019 YEAR

IMSA Fusion at Franklin Middle School is beginning soon. Please complete an application and return as soon as possible to Mrs. Adams or Mr. Gass! Openings are limited to 30 students! We will be meeting every Monday from 2:15 to 4:00. Students can ride the activity bus at 4:00 to get home. We will begin meeting on September 24th and all students will be notified of their acceptance. There is a $25 fee but scholarships are available.

2018 Summer IMSA Opportunities




Featured Program of the Week

Vital Signs (7th-8th)


Is there a doctor in the house? This program provides budding medical students a general understanding of human anatomy through hands-on explorations of the heart, blood, skin, bones and muscles! Participants will perform a (sheep) hearts dissection, practice suturing, explore the physics of blood flow, and much more. They will also engage in a fun and challenging bio-engineering project that will allow them to apply engineering principles and practices to the structure and function of the human body.


 Some of our favorite activities are...

  • engineering a model balloon catheter, 
  • investigating the incredible power of enzymes, 
  • discovering peripheral nervous system autonomic responses,
  • and designing an anti-acid and measuring its efficacy! 


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before this program fills!


Click here for the full summer program line up! 


Programs are filling quickly, but day programs are still open in Aurora, Springfield, and Belleville.


Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy
1500 Sullivan Rd., Aurora, IL 60506-1000   |   Tel: 630-907-5987   |   www.imsa.edu
download Information and Application for IMSA Fusion 2017-18 Year

Join us as we investigate Mars: Manifest Destiny. The are no limits to the information and fun we will have this fall in IMSA Fusion. Please be sure to complete the application and return to Mrs. Adams or Mrs. Alger as soon as possible.

Medieval STEM: Spring 2016

During the spring 2016 semester, we covered the food, culture and disease that affected individuals during the Middle Ages. After extensive research, we discussed chemical reactions while making butter and cheese, and we analyzed the growth and transmission of diseases like the plague.

Material Science

Students really enjoyed the hands on approach to determining the atomic structures that lead to unique material characteristics. Our material world is pretty exciting and fun!

Material Science

The 2015-2016 year will begin with a unit based on the study of material science. Students will investigate, test and examine different materials and their characteristics. Be prepared to question your understanding of what our world is made of and how we can use our resources to make a better life for all citizens.

CHAOS Collaboration and Competition

Students celebrated the end of the Chaos Unit with some friendly competition. Students were asked to represent their "chaos" skills by creating some holiday decorations without directions but with fractals! It was quite a scene to see! Check out the photos!

IMSA - The Skateboard Experiment

September 24, 2014   12 photos
Students brainstormed variables that could change the results of a simple test. How are those variables related and which can cause the greatest impact on the results? Students compared ideas and then categorized those ideas based on impact.
Chaos is Coming!

Be ready to explore how the most minuscule detail can make enormous consequences in the world around us. Is there a pattern to the chaos? Come find out with Mrs. Adams. Mrs. Priller and the rest of the IMSA club. Meeting are Mondays right after school in room 241.

Secret Communications - Starting January 15th!

Being a detective forces you to have a keen mind and the ability to decipher the most difficult of clues. Get ready to use your skills to find the answer! Are you up to the challenge??? Come join us this semester for "Secret Communications"!

COMING SOON: Field trip to IMSA!

On Wednesday, October 30, students will have the opportunity to take a charter bus to IMSA in Aurora, Illinois. The day will begin bright and early with the bus leaving at 6:20 a.m. Upon arrival, students will be able to work on a mathematics activity as well as a science project, where they will participate in a squid dissection. Lunch will be provided by IMSA. Additionally, participants will be given a tour of the facility as well as the dorms. The group will return between 4:30 p.m. and 5 p.m. that evening.

Permission slips for the trip are due by Wednesday, October 23. They must be signed and submitted in order for students to attend. Please contact Mrs. Adams if you have any questions.

Welcome to IMSA! Learn about the required dues.

Please have your dues in by Wednesday, October 23. Payment is $50 and should be turned in to Mrs. Adams in room 241. Please pay with cash or check, with checks made out to Franklin Middle School. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Thank you!