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Catching Up With Nate Haas

Your Name: Nate Haas

Describe what you are doing professionally now. I will be graduating from medical school at Loyola University in Chicago in May, and will begin my residency training to become an ER doctor at the University of Michigan in June.

Do you have any distinguished professional accomplishments that you wish to share?
I graduated with James Scholar Honors from the University of Illinois, and will soon graduate with honors from the Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine. I conducted a research project that was selected for presentation at “Spine Week” in Amsterdam, and was also elected midwest representative of the American Academy of Emergency Medicine medical student council.

Please list all of your academic schools and the years you attended those schools, starting with Franklin.
Franklin Middle School: 2000-2002
Springfield High School: 2002-2006
University of Illinois: 2006-2010
Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine: 2010-2014
University of Michigan Medical Center: 2014-2018

How did Franklin’s Gifted Program better prepare you for where you are today?
Franklin’s Gifted Program laid a solid foundation for my long academic career. I felt very well prepared for high school, and felt like I had a leg up on most of my classmates in several classes, especially math. The program’s commitment to reading and writing has also benefited me in each step of my journey, including the hundreds of pages of medical textbooks and journals I read per week now. The science classes sparked my interested in biology, which ultimately led me to pursue a career in medicine. Each step in my education has been substantially influenced by the one before it, and what I learned while in the Gifted Program at Franklin Middle School has therefore trickled all the way through to my current studies and career.

What are some of your favorite memories of Franklin?
I’m still awfully proud of my all-time record win streak and number of stickers won on Mr. Knoepfle’s basketball hoop, and his class is still my favorite class I’ve ever taken. I also have a lot of great memories from the cross-country, basketball, and track teams with Coach Zinnen and Coach Flohr, and owe a ton to each of them for instilling strong work ethics and never-quit attitudes in each of their athletes. Ms. Johnson (Zinnen) and Mr. Drury’s classes were two of my other favorites, and we always had a lot of fun in each. I also still have a footstool I made in Mr. Hage’s shop class!