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Catching Up With Audrey Mundstock

Catching Up With....

Your Name: Audrey Mundstock

Describe what you are doing professionally now.
After working as a Project Manager and Implementation Consultant in the electronic medical record field for 2 years I decided to take a leap of faith and follow my dream of dancing professionally. I am currently an NBA dancer for the Chicago Bulls, aka a Chicago Luvabull.

Please list all of your academic schools and the years you attended those schools, starting with Franklin.
Franklin Middle School: 2001-2004
Springfield High School: 2004-2008
Miami University (Ohio): 2008-2012

How did Franklin’s Gifted Program better prepare you for where you are today?
Through the Franklin Gifted Program I was given a wide range of opportunity to figure out what I liked. Each subject was challenging but even more importantly when a teacher recognized a student was capable of going above and beyond they allowed that to happen and supported it. I remember Mr. Knoepfle allowed us to participate in an optional contest online where we were given a math problem and once we solved it we wrote out the path to our conclusion in an essay format. For someone who loves problem solving but not necessarily writing, a contest was a great way for me to do both. The gifted program teachers worked together to help each student excel at their strengths and improve in every area of academics. With the foundation laid at Franklin, I graduated with honors from Miami University in Ohio with a degree in Chemistry and a minor in Physics, solving problems and writing explanation too numerous to count. Beyond the basic realms of language arts, science, math, social studies, etc Franklin’s Gifted Program helped prepare me to go after something that may seem challenging at first.

What are some of your favorite memories of Franklin?
Considering I currently dance for the Chicago Bulls, I obviously have to give credit where it is due. My first real taste of dancing at sporting events was as a pom at FMS, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I remember practicing on the stage, making sure every move was in the right place, and getting ready with all the girls in Coach Johnson’s (who would now be Mrs. Coach Zinnen’s) classroom. I also participated in track, volleyball, and was somehow convinced to join the cross country team. I remember my first year on the track team Coach Flohr had all the “non-specialized” runners participate in the 1600 meter run. To this day I remember how much I disliked it, but I also remember that it taught me patience and persistence. Luckily Coach Flohr allowed me to switch to some shorter distances in 7th and 8th grade and I have the awesome memory of placing 12th in the state 2 years in a row (2003 and 2004) with my 4x200 relay team. I also remember wiping out as I crossed the finish line of the 200 meter dash at the city track meet in 2004, the next day I could barely walk up to the podium to give my 8th grade graduation speech because my knee was so swollen!