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Your Name:
Austin Eagleton

Describe what you are doing professionally now:
Currently, I am a junior attending Saint Louis University. I am studying mechanical engineering and pursuing and engineering mathematics minor.

Do you have any distinguished professional accomplishments that you wish to share?
I have been on the Parks College of Engineering, Aviation, & Technology Dean’s list 3 out of 4 semesters by achieving a GPA of 3.7 or higher. During the 2013-2014 school year, I was a walk-on for the SLU men’s basketball team. During our season, we won the A-10 regular season Conference Championship, and were ranked #10 in the country at one point. I also received A-10 academic honors.

Please list all of your academic schools and the years you attended starting with FMS:
Franklin: 2005-2008
Sacred Heart-Griffin: 2008-2012
Saint Louis University: 2012-present

How did Franklin’s Gifted Program better prepare you for where you are today?
Franklin’s program instilled at an early age the hard work it takes to be successful. Starting at the age of 12, I learned I had to put in the extra study time and hard work in order to be a successful student. This helped make my transition from middle to high school seem simple. I was already used to the workload, and I never felt overwhelmed. I built on these preparation skills in high school and they carried over into my college career, again helping with an easy transition. Franklin provided me with a strong foundation for good habits both from an academic perspective and a life perspective. I feel it has given me a jumpstart on my peers in many points in my academic career.

What are some of your favorite memories of Franklin?
I think my most prominent memories are playing basketball for Coach Brewer and Coach Zinnen. We won the state championship in 2007 and took 3rd place in 2008, while being the only team from the playoffs the year before to return to state. I created many good memories with my teammates and it was one of best times I have ever had. Also, I never took a class I didn’t enjoy at FMS. Each class had something exciting to offer, and the teachers and other students made every class enjoyable to be in. Lastly, I’ll never forget Mr. Knoepfle’s cartwheels and his legendry announcing for sporting events.