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Catching Up With Zachary Eagleton

Your Name:
Zachary Eagleton

Describe what you are doing professionally now.
I graduated Vanderbilt University with a degree in biomedical engineering in 2013. I currently work for Royal Philips Electronics as a product development engineer. I work on the design, testing, and manufacturing of LED lighting solutions for commercial buildings.

Do you have any distinguished professional accomplishments that you wish to share?
As a student/scientist at Vanderbilt I was able to contribute to the publication of 3 academic journal publications dealing with low resource diagnostic testing for malaria as well as Organ-on-a-Chip technologies:
1. Scaling and systems biology for integrating multiple organs-on-a-chip
2. Cross-Sectional Tracking of Particle Motion in Evaporating Drops: Flow Fields and Interfacial Accumulation
3. Biosensor Design based on Marangoni flow in an evaporating drop

As a product engineer I have developed and launched multiple full product lines to the market.

Please list all of your academic schools and the years you attended those schools, starting with Franklin.
Franklin Middle School: 2002-2005
Springfield High School: 2005-2009
Vanderbilt University: 2009-2013

How did Franklin’s Gifted Program better prepare you for where you are today?
The gifted program gave me the opportunity to challenge myself. One of the most important things a person can do to develop themselves is to continually look for a challenge. Whether its playing up a grade in sports, or taking the higher track class, taking on challenges forces you to improve yourself. The faster paced and higher intensity curriculum was a good preparation for high school and beyond. It also encouraged other opportunities such as science fair. One year I completed a science fair project that got selected as a finalist to be shown in Champaign-Urbana. Having worked and published in the scientific community I can say that real world science isn't that much different that what we as 8th graders were whipping up in our basements.

What are some of your favorite memories of Franklin?
I was a member of the cross country, track, and basketball teams at Franklin. I remember really enjoying cross country and track as extracurricular activities. The basketball team placed 2nd in the state tournament both years which was a significant accomplishment. My eighth grade year I also participated in Scholastic bowl and we got 4th place. The three years I spent there were filled with learning and developing friendships, many of which I still cherish today. The faculty were also wonderful and a great group of instructors whom I owe a thanks to for the success I have had thus far.