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GMS- After School Activities Procedures

December 3, 2010

As the number of after school activities increase at GMS, it is important to review the after school activities procedures that have been established at GMS.
After-school activities procedures:
• All students need to ask teachers ahead of time for a pass to stay after school. If students are located in the building roaming, they will be asked for a pass.
• Teachers will have a sign in and sign out sheet for after school activities, students MUST sign in and out. Teachers will turn in the sign in/out sheet to Ms. Smith every Friday.
• Students will use the green pass sheet if he/she leaves the classroom for any reason!!!!
• At 2:50 Officer Martin will do a sweep of hallways. Any students who are found wandering the halls will be brought to the main office and will need to contact a parent to come and pick them up from GMS.
• Teachers will walk students to the activity bus or lobby at 4:15.
• Parents- if you need to pick your student up before 4:15 please come to the main office and we will assist you in getting your child.