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GMS- 6th Grade Camp Cilca Information

January 5, 2011

Mr. Hayes will be coming around to 6th graders during 1st block to talk about Camp Cilca. This is a three-day field trip for sixth graders in MAY!! He will be passing out a good behavior/ good grades contract (you may want to show the contract on the announcements—I attached it to this email). If any student is interested in ATTENDING camp, you must turn in the contract to your language arts teacher by Fri., Jan. 28th! If you fail to turn this contract in, you will not be considered for camp in May! Even if you are undecided, turn in the contract—you cannot change your mind in May. Camp is always a big hit and awesome experience for all sixth graders! Just ask around.....7th and 8th graders will confirm the amount of fun you will have at camp! Remember this is just the contract, not the money, so don't be left out! See Mrs. Griminger-Rm 108, if you have questions!