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GMS- Books for Classrooms and Library Program

April 11, 2010

Books For Classrooms and Library Program

This week the students at Grant have the opportunity to help the library and the language arts classrooms get some new books. It won't cost you any money, just a little time.

The Language Arts teacher will give each student a booklet of postcards and a letter about the program. At home fill out the postcards with the names and addresses of family and friends who might be interested in helping your school. These people will be sent information about purchasing magazine subscriptions. They do not have to buy any magazines - they are just receiving information.
Bring back the booklet of postcards and you will receive a small prize. All the postcards do not need to be filled out - just fill out as many as you can. Prizes will be passed out in your language arts class on the day you bring back your booklet, and the sooner you bring it back, the more prizes you earn. Try to get your booklet filled out and brought back tomorrow to win 3 prizes.