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GMS- 8th Grade Happy Ad for Yearbook!

November 18, 2009

Grant Middle School’s yearbook staff is offering you the opportunity to purchase Happy Ads for 8th graders. The ads will appear at the end of the yearbook near the autograph page. Happy ads can be from family, students, teachers, staff, but must be for 8th graders only.

The Happy Ad includes the name of your child, a place for your child’s picture, and a personal message. The prices of the ad are as follows:

1/8 of a page =$25.00
1/4 of a page =$50.00
1/2 of a page =$75.00
Full page =$100.00

To reserve space for your happy ad, complete this form and submit it to Grant Middle School, attn: Joyce Ridings (room 220), with checks payable to Grant Middle School. The deadline for the happy ad is December 18th.

Click on the attachment for the Happy Ad order form.