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GMS Booster Club- Concession Stand

February 13, 2012

Grant Middle School will be having a concession stand for the Logger Classic which is scheduled for February 24-26th. so................... booster club we need items donated for the event. If you can make a donation, please let the school know what you will buy and get it to the school by the 22nd.

Here is what we need:
Cases of water, gatorade, cans of pepsi, diet pepsi, sprite etc.
Hot dogs and buns.
Candy bars, skittles, starburst, laffy taffy.
Big bags of nacho chips.
Cans of nacho cheese.
Small bags of various chips.
Liter bottles of mt dew, orange soda and cherry coke for slushies.
1 package of mustard, ketchup and relish (3 pack at sams).
Napkins and coffee cups.
1 can of coffee.

If you can think anything else please go ahead and purchase it for the concessions. Your best bet if you want to make a donation is to go to Sam's or GFS.

Questions..call Grant MIddle School.