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Cheerleading Tryout Information

June 30, 2020

The Cheerleading Informational meeting and tryout will be held outside. The Cheer Information meeting is planned for July 7th at 5:30 pm

GRANT CHEER 2020-2021

Informational Tryout Meeting

      Introduction of Coaches

      Grant Squad (Maximum of 16 members) includes the following responsibilities:

o   School Requested Events

o    Home Boys Basketball Games (includes Tournament and Select Basketball Games

o   Boys 8th Grade Night

o   Fundraisers and Public Appearances

o   Camp

o   Training

Squad consists of 6th, 7th, and 8th graders.         

Tryout Clinic

      Tryout Clinics

o   July 14th-15thth from 5:00pm-6:30pm (must attend both days)

o   A cheer and dance video turned in by July 17th, 2020

      Tryout Date

o   July 18th from 8:00am-until

We will do a material review from 8:00am-9:00am, prior to tryouts beginning.

o   Tryouts will be closed to parents and/or spectators.

o   Attire for tryouts will be black shorts/leggings, a fitted white shirt and bow (not required but recommended) Bow should be a school color (black, gold or white)

o   Tryout material will be posted at Grant Middle School.

o   The 2020-2021 Cheer Squad will be announced Monday July20th by end of day.  

o   Virtual cheer fitting TBA

     Tryouts will include the following material:

o   Sideline

o   Crowd Cheer

o   School Song Jump Split

o   Jumps (Toe Touch, Right or Left Hurdle and Jump Sequence)

o   Tumbling(optional)

o   Stunting


o   2 uniforms, warmups, cheer bag, bows, cheer jersey, leggings, t-shirt and shoes.

o   Poms provided by school


     Each uniform item is custom made to your cheerleaders’ body type.  Uniforms and other cheer items you initially order will be theirs for the remainder of their school cheer career.  Attached is the fees and fee breakdown.  I understand that cheer is pricey, and we tried to cut costs to make it affordable for everyone.  Please reach out to the coach if you have any questions.


o   Being a Grant Cheerleader is more than a uniform and a bow.  It is a full-time commitment that you make to your squad members as well as your coaching staff and school.  You will become a community leader as well as a school leader.  The transition to becoming a student athlete involves your behavior on and off of the court as well as your academics.  You will be leading by example and doing what is needed to make our program look good and succeed.  Any violations of the athletic handbook as well as the contract you sign once you make the squad, could lead to the termination of your position.


  1. All students are expected to maintain 6-foot social distancing at all times, until further notice.

  2. Students should arrive on time for practice and leave on time when practice concludes.  

  3. Students who arrive after their scheduled time will not be allowed to participate.

  4. Students who arrive early should wait in their car until designated time. Parents will not be allowed to exit the vehicle when they drop off their child.

  5. Students will join the socially distanced check in line assigned to their team upon arrival.

  6. All students will have their temperature checked and complete a screening questionnaire on a daily basis. 

  7. Students are required to wear a mask during the check-in process & up until the time their practice session begins. Students are not required to wear a mask while practicing. 

  8. Students are expected to arrive dressed and ready for practice sessions. There will be no access to dressing rooms.

  9. Because there will be no access to dressing rooms, students are encouraged to leave all valuables, including cell phones, at home or in their vehicles. Phones are not allowed on the practice.

  10. Students should bring their own full water bottle clearly labeled with their name for practices.

  11. There will be no lingering in groups before/after practices.

  12. Student ratio is 4 to 1 coach