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Morning Announcements 9/3/2020

September 3, 2020

Good morning Grant Middle School, today is Thursday, September 3rd  - — Happy Birthday to : Grant Middle School is 60 years old this year …. I wa there when it opened how old does that make me ? Student birthdays today 8th grade -  De’Aries C , Jerome T,  7th grade Daniel H, Connor D — Happy Birthday and hope all of you have a great day !


Reminder students — you must log into Zoom’s with your 186 student account — your name or profile must be recognized by the teacher — please make sure you are muted , ready to learn and in a quiet place where you can focus …. students not following Zoom rules and expectations may be removed …. so do the right thing !


Today is a Synchronous learning for A day students last name A-K  logging into Canvas and linking with teachers via ZOOM etc… 


Today is Asynchronous ( Learning at home) learning day for B day students last name L-Z — attendance will be submitted at 3:00 — Make sure you log in to Canvas and check in with your classes and teachers  —  https://www.sps186.org/coronavirus/?p=136860


Link for video announcements :    https://youtu.be/8RQQpfJflMI




 Would you please now rise for the Pledge of Allegiance:    


 I pledge allegiance to the flag, of the United States of America, and to the Republic — for which it stands, One Nation - Under God, Indivisible - with Liberty and Justice for ALL.


  Now please observe a moment of silence and personal reflection  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~MOMENT OF SILENCE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



Breakfast and Lunch are served daily here at Grant from 7:00 a.m to 11:30 — This is drive-up service on the back playground (south side) of Stange & Capitol


Weather today — cloudy this morning , then clearing and a high of 87 


Sports - Heat beat the Bucks 116-114 and Rockets beat the Thunder 104 -102 in game 7 taking the series


Cubs win 8-2 over Pittsburgh and the Cardinals fell to the Reds 4-3   Chicago is in first place w/ a 4 game lead over the Cardinals ….. 


Todays Welcoming Ritual — What is a tip or short-cut you have learned in using Canvas or working remotely at home ?