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9/21/2020 GMS Announcements

September 21, 2020

Good Morning GMS students and staff and Welcome to Monday MorningMadness! I’m Mr. Hood and this is Mr. Hoffek are we are coming straight at you from the GMS studios!

First things first, Attention all 6th graders and new students to Illinois!!!! You must get a physical and your shots! I hate em, you hate em, even Coach Taylor hates em, but you have to get them by October 1st. Please see the district’s home page for more information.

Like Mr. Hood said, today is Monday Morning Madness! We’ve got birthdays, a significant passing, and a rally here in Springfield. But first, no matter what your last name is, today is an asynchronous day for you! Everyone is to go on canvas and log in to each of your classes, including advisory, to complete any work that has been assigned. On Saturday, Briara M. had her birthday. Ivrionna E, Aundra L, and Skyler B. celebrated on Sunday. Mikayla B and Kellie P celebrate today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Also In Monday morning madness, it was a terribly sad day across America as news that Supreme Court Judge Ruth Bader Ginsberg passed away at the age of 87. She had been a Supreme Court Justice since 1993. That was so long ago that Mr. Hood was an 8th grader.

Lastly, Big news in Springfield over the weekend, high school coaches and players gathered at the state capitol to use their first amendment right and peacefully assemble to express their opinion. Early this year, ihsa made the choice to move some sport season around and minimize post season play due to COVID while other states around Illinois continue to play. And their opinion was that participating in sports is safe and is what high school aged youth needs.

With that, let us stand for the pledge.

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

You may be seated. Let us pause for a moment of silence. Use this time to personally reflect on ways you can be successful today.

Today’s weather includes sunny skies with a high near 78 degrees

In sports, the Cubs lost again to the Twins and the Cardinals won against the Pirates. The Cubs are only 3 and a half games ahead of the Cardinals as baseball enters the last week of the season.

In NBA news, the Lakers take a 2 games to zero lead as Anthony Davis hit a game winning 3-pointer as time expired on the clock.

On the women’s side, Connecticut beat Vegas 87-62 and the Seattle game was postponed due to possible positive COVID tests.

DA BEARS nearly lost to the Giants, Green Bay slaughtered the Lions, and Tampa Bay took down Carolina. 

Good luck to the GMS baseball as they face Lincoln Magnet today in the first round of Regionals!

For breakfast and lunch today, the cafeteria has prepared a granola bar and a spicy chicken sandwich… I don’t know about you Mr. Hoffek, but I’d probably put a little extra Frank’s hot sauce on there to make it even spicier! Remember, breakfast and lunch can be picked up in the parking lot behind GMS from 7:00-11:30. If you aren’t going to eat your food right away, be sure to store it in the fridge and then heat it up when you are ready to eat.

And now for today’s Welcoming Ritual. What was the highlight of your weekend? We know that you most likely aren’t meeting with your teachers today, but its always good to reflect on your weekend.

And that wraps it up for today’s announcements. A big SHOUT OUT to 6th grader Kamara B. working hard and making it to all your classes, keep up the good work! Don’t forget! 2019-2020 YEARBOOKS ARE IN! GET THEM WHILE THEY ARE HOT. THEY ARE FLYING OFF THE SHELVES! And with that ladies and gentlemen….

Work hard and be safe!

Video link: https://youtu.be/tJkoBhV716I