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GMS Home Game Indoor Policies and Procedures

February 4, 2021



  1. No spectators or cheerleaders will be allowed in our gymnasium for the opponents teams. 

  2. Every game at every level (7th/8th grade) will be live streamed via Youtube, Facebook or another social media site whenever possible.  Games that are not live streamed will be recorded and posted on District and School sites for viewing.

  3. One video recorder, statistician, score book keeper, and bus driver will be allowed from the opposing school.  We welcome any administrator from the opposing school

  4. We ask that teams arrive no earlier than 40 minutes prior to the scheduled tip time for the first game.  

  5. Locker Rooms will be provided for pre game, and post games. Half times will be in a location where teams can have 6 ft to spread out.  Teams should arrive with uniforms on underneath travel sweats, etc. No showering permitted in locker rooms. 

  6. We recommend that each opposing school bring their own basketballs to be safe, however we will provide an individual rack of 6 basketballs to the opposing school (only to be used by the opposing school).  

  7. Visiting teams are expected to complete temperature checks and COVID symptom checks for their athletes and bench staff.  District #186 will screen their athletes, bench staff, and spectators prior to entry to the gym.

  8. 7th and 8th grade athletes are not permitted to remain in the gym to watch the game when they are not participating. The athletes not playing will be in a designated room outside of the gymnasium.  Team benches will be chairs spaced out to allow for appropriate distance between players and coaches (minimum of 6’ between individuals).  Handshakes, fist bumps, hugging, etc. are not permissible at any time.

  9. A jump ball will not be used during games this season. Visiting team gets the opening possession. Visitors will get the initial throw in. OT will begin with a coin flip. All out of bounds plays will be bounced to the thrower. The pre game coaches meeting will happen at the center circle with 1 referee, 1 coach from each team and one captain from each team. Each person will divide the circle in half as to make a pie cut into 4 equal pieces. The Referee will be in the middle. The officials more than likely will come to the game fully dressed or half dressed and are not expected to shower after the game. The officials will use either electronic whistles or whistle covers on their whistle. The officials do not have jurisdiction over players wearing masks or bench personnel wearing masks. Of course as a courtesy most veteran officials will quietly let a player remember to put his mask on. But this is only a courtesy as this lies on the individual team and host school responsibility.

  10. All individuals must wear face coverings.  Visiting coaches are responsible for their players wearing their masks properly.

  11. Due to players wearing masks during contests, a  90 second media time-out will be taken each quarter at the first dead ball under the 5-minute mark to give players an opportunity to catch their breath.

  12. Each bench (home/away) is responsible for sanitizing the chairs before and after each game.  There will be a bucket of disinfecting wipes available for each team to use for wiping their basketball, water bottles, benches, etc.

  13. All spaces and equipment (gym, scorer’s table, locker rooms) will be cleaned and sanitized between games.  

  14. A Hand sanitizer dispenser is located just outside the gym door and on the score table.  We will also have a box of disposable masks that players can use if needed (in case one breaks).  

  15. Each bench will have a 5 gallon gatorade jug filled with water.  The athletes should not put the bottle on the dispenser. and must have their own bottle . The trainer will possibly be available to fill up water bottles.  We do not encourage players to touch the coolers.

  16. No Concessions will be sold.  Outside food and drink will not be allowed.  

Cheerleaders will not participate in boys or girls basketball games due to space limitations to socially distance them from the players and spectators in the gym.  Virtual spirit clubs or other ways for these students to be involved in the games.


IDPH and Phase 4 guidance require a limit of 50 spectators, socially distanced in addition to players and cheerleaders. District #186 middle schools are able to provide seating for 15 spectators maximum in their gymnasiums. 

We are limiting spectators to the Home Team only.  Each athlete on the home bench are allowed to have 1 person on the pass list for each game.  The people on the pass list for an athlete will be seated in the gym for the duration of the contest.  The pass list needs to be turned in to the AD within 24 hours of the game and no changes can be made to the list less than 24 hours prior to the game.  Spectators will check in at the pass gate and show photo ID to the attendant.  Spectators will be screened for COVID symptoms prior to entering the gymnasium.  Spectators must wear face masks for the duration of their time in the building.  

Spectators for the 7th grade game must exit the gym at the end of the 7th grade game and meet their student athlete outside of the building.  8th grade spectators will be allowed to enter the gym once the 7th grade spectators have left the gym and the gym has been cleaned. 

GMS Athletics Policies and Procedures for Indoor Sports