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GMS Morning Announcements 8/23/21

August 20, 2021

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8/23/21 Morning Announcements

8/23/21 Announcements




Hoffek: Good Morning GMS students and staff and Welcome to the FIRST DAY of SCHOOL of the 2021-22 School year!!!   I am Mr. Hoffek and beside me is The main man of GMS, Mr. Schurman


Schurman:  Welcome back to GMS!  We are very excited to see all of you here and ready to learn the expectations and the way things work here at Grant Middle School. GMS opens its doors at 7:30 am each day for breakfast.  You will be dismissed to go to your lockers at 7:50 am daily.


Hoffek:  We totally understand it has been a while since some of you have been in a school building and we are going to work hard to make you feel at home and safe here at GMS


Schurman: Students GMS is a Uniform School: and Masks are Mandatory while in the building at GMS and on the Bus to and from school.  The uniform policy is as follows:  Pants are Khaki, Black, Blue, or Grey (Cargo shorts or pants are allowed).  Any solid color polo-type shirt can be worn.  GMS spirit wear can also be worn to school! You can also purchase GMS spirit wear from Jostens. There is a link on the GMS webpage.


Hoffek: Students we have an exciting jammed-packed first few days of school in store for you consisting of learning how we do things here at GMS.  Web leaders, Administration, Teachers, and Support staff will all be helping you learn the expectations we have here at Grant Middle School


Schurman: The expectations you will be learning about are referred to as Common Area Expectations:  Those Areas Include – Coming into the building in the morning, Voice Levels, Cafeteria, The gym in the morning, Hallway, Restrooms, Playground, going outside at lunch,  coming back into the building after lunch and the office.


Hoffek: The Next Baseball Game is next Tuesday, August  24th at 4:30 – Hobbs Park

Cross country practice will take place on Tuesday and Thursday immediately after school from 2:30 - 4 pm. Change after school and meet in Mr. Blunk’s room 104.

Wednesday’s practice will be at Washington Park from 5-6 pm. Meet near the tennis courts.

You can still join cross country if you begin attending practice this week. See Mr. Blunk in room 104 with any questions.



Schurman: With that, let us stand for the pledge.


Both: I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.


Hoffek: You may be seated. Let us pause for a moment of silence. Use this time to personally reflect on ways you can be successful today.


Hoffek:  Hey Mr Schurman!


Schurman: Yes Mr Hoffek


Hoffek:  Which type of Bear is the most condescending?


Schurman:  I have no Clue!

Hoffek:  A PAN-DUH, you know like DUH you didn’t know that!

Schurman:  That is terrible


Schurman:  On another note….GMS open house is coming on September 9, 2021, from 6-7:30.   Students, please get in the habit of accessing the GMS webpage.  There is a ton of helpful information located on the GMS webpage. The GMS calendar with school and athletic events, a news feed with the most up-to-date information, and tons of information for students and parents.  There is even a virtual way to practice your locker combination!


Hoffek:  Today’s weather includes …A high of 92 with a 31% chance of Thunderstorms


Schurman: And with that ladies and gentlemen….


Hoffek: Work hard, be safe, and wear your masks!   WELCOME TO GRANT MIDDLE SCHOOL!!!!