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Morning Announcements 9/28

September 28, 2021


9/28/21 AnnouncementsHoffek: Good Morning GMS students and staff Today is September 28, 2021, It’s Mr.Schurman, Mr. Hoffek and Ms. Mary running the show behind the camera.  Today is: Talk about it Tuesday.  Our Welcoming Ritual is: What is one way that you self-care? Teachers have students share with a neighbor or the entire class after announcements!


Schurman: GMS starts school at 8:00 am daily, you are dismissed to class at 7:50


Hoffek: Fun Fact of the Day:  Goosebumps are meant to ward off predators.


On this day in History: 1941 Ted Williams becomes last player to hit .400


Schurman: Students GMS is a Uniform School and Masks Mandated School, while in the building at GMS and on the Bus to and from school.


Hoffek:  Cell Phones:  Locked in lockers all day. It is also an expectation at GMS to have computers fully charged when you come to school every day!


Schurman: Expectation of the Day: Office

  • Enter office quietly and state your purpose

  • Use good manners

  • Sit appropriately while you wait

  • Knock on admin door before entering

  • Level 1 voice


Hoffek:  Speaking of Lunch: Today the Cafeteria will be serving: Chicken Burrito,, Honey BBQ beef rib on bun, black bean salad, fresh orange wedges, milk


Schurman: Purple positives are passed out by teachers for exemplifying good behavior and meeting the expectations of GMS!  If you get a purple positive, drop it off in the Big RED tubs in the main lobby that has your grade level on it!  There will be random out of the blue drawings for a variety of prizes


Schurman: Paint night is October 14th 6-8 pm, Pizza and drinks provided, RSVP by 10/8, Also,  Ms Tally  will be sending out the NIU virtual tour link to kids on Monday...

 If you (students) watch the video and answer all questions correctly your name will be entered to win a box of one dozen glazed donuts from Krispy Kreme!! Multiple people will be chosen!!!!!!


Hoffek: GMS Athletics for Today

  • XC Meet at PORTA

·       Boys BBall – 6th Grade practice 6-7  will play this Saturday at 9:30

·       Girls Bball – Practice 2:30-4:40 6-8          

·       Cheer -

·       Baseball Players – Please turn in pants and Belts to Coach Williams. Place them in a zip lock bag or Wal-Mart bag with your name inside.

·       All Athletes make sure you are checking your grades, if you are failing any class you are ineligible to play the following Monday-Saturday.  If you are in ineligible any 3 weeks of the season you will be removed from the team

·       Athletes also remember to pay your athletic fee, turn in permit card, and 7/8th graders must have a current physical on file. 


Schurman :  

  • Rm. 107 - Will be open for students during A lunch students may bring lunch and report to 107 — read/homework etc….. 

  • Rm. 103 -  Will be open for students during B lunch students may bring lunch and report to 103 — read/homework etc….. 


With that, let us stand for the pledge.

Both: I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.


Hoffek: You may be seated. Let us pause for a moment of silence. Use this time to personally reflect on ways you can be successful today.


Hoffek:  It’s Joke Time!!!!

Schurman: Yes Mr Hoffek

Hoffek:   Singing in the shower is fun until you get soap in your mouth. Then it becomes a soap opera!!!!!

Schurman: Jokes and Birthdays

Hoffek: There is a ton of helpful information located on the GMS webpage. Please use this to find answers to many common questions about GMS  including practice schedules!!!!


Schurman:  Today’s weather includes …A high of 88 with a 4% chance of precipitation.


Schurman:  And with that ladies and gentlemen….


Hoffek: Work hard, be safe, and wear your masks!